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The purpose of a professional home inspection is to uncover any repair, maintenance or safety issues that may affect the buyer’s perceived value of the property. The report may be used as a negotiating tool to ask the seller to perform repairs or reduce the sale price. Here are four Lexington Ky home inspection red flags:


Structural and Foundation Problems

Your home is only as strong as its support system. Repairing a weak, crumbling foundation can be an expensive endeavor, made even more complicated if it is a historic building.


Water Damage

The presence of mold, rotted wood and standing water is another cause for concern. Mold is a health hazard and can be difficult to eradicate. Some water problems can be corrected by making minor changes to the drainage system such as replacing a gutter. However, many moisture issues and the resulting damage are difficult to resolve cheaply.


Roof Replacement

A new roof can cost $5000 and up if there are triple layers of shingles to remove, and rotted wood needs replacement. A roof that is steep or particularly high costs more.


Unsafe Electrical Wiring

If the home’s electrical system is out of date, the circuits are overloaded, or there are major safety or code violations, these problems may represent a fire hazard.


Prospective buyers should insist that their sales contract include a home inspection contingency that allows them to walk away from the deal if the report uncovers major problems.

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