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home inspect termites

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year. They have an insatiable appetite for wood and right now could be eating support beams and other lumber that is vital to your house’s integrity. Often, by the time a homeowner sees evidence of an infestation, there has already been extensive deterioration. Have your home inspected for termites right away to find out if these destructive bugs are threatening your residence. Gain the peace of mind from either knowing the extent of the problem and dealing with it, or from having the confirmation that your place is termite-free.

Spring is a good time to check for the presence of these pests but a professional analysis can be performed any time of the year. A technician from Absolute Home Inspection will inspect for both underground termites known as subterranean and those that spend their lives entirely in wood called drywood termites. He will be able to identify which species you have and recommend methods of eradication.

Termites prefer dark damp environments and it often requires a professional trained expert to verify their existence. While they eat wood, they tend to eat it from the inside out so their existence is not readily noticeable to the untrained eye. While sealing your basement is a good idea, and is recommended, it just takes a tiny crack – less than the width of a dime – for them to gain entry.

Your house is most likely your biggest investment. Protect it by having your home inspected for termites today. Call today at 859.230.1450.

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