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Your home is probably the biggest purchase of your life. The process of selecting a home and making a decision can be stressful – especially when worrying about making a mistake. Experts recommend that you have the home inspected before committing to the purchase. At Absolute Home Inspection, we provide you with a thorough evaluation as soon as possible so that you can have peace of mind about your purchase – or your decision to move on and continue your search. Here are five components of a professional Lexington Ky home inspection:


The Roof

While many home inspectors simply look at the roof from the ground using binoculars, we walk the roof whenever possible. We know this is an important (and potentially expensive) area that you will likely never see.

The Foundation

One of the most expensive home repairs is work done to the foundation, which supports the entire home. We do a thorough inspection even noting if there are landscaping or drainage issues affecting the foundation.

The Exterior

We also inspect the home’s exterior which is another potentially expensive area. We will note if it needs paint, repairs or maintenance.

Driveways, Walkways & More

We inspect driveways, sidewalks, entrance masonry, porch, patio, deck, and the garage looking for any safety, maintenance or repair issues.

The Interior

The electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems as well as the kitchen appliances and fireplaces will be evaluated as part of our home service. We will locate any GFCI safety outlets and note any safety hazards.


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Absolute Home Inspection performs residential and commercial inspections including air quality, termite, and radon inspections in the Lexington and Central Kentucky area. Our professional home inspections enable you to make an informed decision when buying a home in Lexington, Winchester, Paris, Georgetown, Versailles, Midway, Frankfort, Nicholasville, Berea and Richmond, Kentucky. Contact us for your free quote.